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Welcome to our medical illustration studio

Merging Art and Science,
Making scientific knowledge accessible.

Visualmedics is a visual communication studio offering a wide range of services to clients in the healthcare and biotechnology fields. We are passionate about healthcare and scientific advances, and translate simple and complex scientific concepts into stunning, easy-to-understand visual assets.

Our Services

  • Our Specialties / Capabilities
  • Process

    Medical and Scientific Illustration

    – Anatomical Illustration
    – Editorial illustration
    – Medical Device illustration
    – Surgical Illustration
    – IFU illustration
    – MOA 3D illustration

    2D, 3D scientific animation

    – Surgical how-to animation
    – Mechanism of action (MOA)
    – Motion Graphics
    – Surgical device Showcase
    – Patient education animations

    Science information graphics

    – Strategy & Infographics
    – Data Visualisation for prints
    – large screens and boots
    – Schematics for 
PPT and print
    – Educational Diagrams
    – Brochure / Layout design

It all starts with a briefing

 Each project is different, and to get to know the subject we deal with, we need as much information as possible – we gather sufficient reference material.

Producing the first sketches

After signing an agreement, we get to work – we provide the client with rough digital sketches or have a first discussion. From there, the direction of the project is set.

Corrections and revisions

We typically provide clients with three correction rounds to tailor work as desired. Should this not be sufficient, we can agree on further correction rounds.

Delivery of finals

Delivery of final illustrations is made in such way that they can be handled easily by editors, web agencies, or printers. We can also agree on producing shareable images for social media.

Our clients

Our clients come from the fields of scientific research, medical communication, biotech and pharmaceutical companies, and private health clinics. Our medical illustration studio also serves advertising agencies, editorial and scientific publishers.

Want to know how we can help? We reply within 24h.

Our clients

We have cooperated with numerous international clients; we have an insightful and passionate approach that delivers outstanding results. Our clients come from the fields of scientific research, medical communication, biotech and pharmaceutical companies, private health clinics, advertising agencies, editorial and scientific publishing.

More about us

Fresh news

New scientific article illustration

July 11, 2019
A new scientific article, written by Dr Vincent Misrai was recently accepted. This time, the article is about Waterjet Ablation Therapy. We provided visual aids in form of scientific illustration, they helped describe the new standardised technique of aquablation. The technique is now widely used in the treatment of benign prostatic obstruction (BPO). https://bit.ly/2JBOcAL #medicalillustration #publishing #medicalpublishing #scientificresearch Get in touch to get your scientific article illustration here

Stock versus custom scientific illustration: what you need to know before you choose

January 3, 2019
If you are a project manager in pharma, medical affairs or medical education, you could be facing the challenge of choosing between hiring an illustrator for custom images and opting for quick stock images to bring your project to life. But how do you deal with that challenge; how do you know what’s best for your project?

How to choose the right scientific communication studio for your healthcare brand

November 19, 2018
With so many scientific communication studios online, and their portfolios open for you to browse, it might seem as if shopping for a studio to work with is no big deal. But in reality, that’s not the case. With such a broad choice of studios available online, there are some crucial considerations to be made in order to find the studio that’s right for you. Many key factors play a role in forming a valuable relationship between a pharmaceutical company and its scientific communication studio. If you’re the person at a medical company who is responsible for sourcing illustrations, information design and 3D, the largest part of the search process that leads you to understand the best options and choosing the appropriate agency falls uniquely on your shoulders. To help you structure your selection process, here is a list of aspects that need to be considered: 1. What role does scientific communication play in your business objectives? Before beginning the search, you will need to think critically about what role communication and visualization play in your company’s business objectives. Do you need to communicate to patients, medical professionals, or both? What messages do you want to transmit to each target group? Keep in mind that every studio has their own individual offering and strengths. Narrowing down your needs and communication objectives will help you find the one that is right for you. 2. Can you cover your needs in-house? Some successful companies rely solely on in-house talent to promote their brand. That is the case of larger companies with an interdisciplinary marketing team. Others, however, rely on external partners to support specific aspects of their communication strategy. For instance, a company might be able to develop compelling marketing content but lack the skills or knowledge to create accurate medical illustrations. If you represent one such company, it is crucial for you to assess the time you are willing to dedicate to this partnership, the budget you’re ready to invest,  the skills your team already possesses and the skills your team lacks. 3. Write a request for proposal (RFP) Once you’ve addressed the two above-mentioned questions, it’s time to put your story on paper. A request for proposal (RFP) is the most common way companies share a little bit about themselves and their communication objectives, as well as setting out contractual stipulations that make the request unique. I standard request for proposal includes the following parts: … Try to be realistic in expressing your vision. The possible scope and direction of your communication stem from a clear understanding of your business model and your customers’ demographics. No one knows more about your business and your customers than you do, and it’s critical that you pass that knowledge on to any potential partner through your RFP. 4. Search thoroughly and make a shortlist There are dozens of criteria with which you can narrow the field, but perhaps the most fundamental revolve around whether a small or large studio fits the needs of

Surgical illustrations depict the da Vinci robotic arms as they operate inside the female human body

May 17, 2018
Our most recent project, a series of medical illustrations, depict the da Vinci robotic arms as they operate inside the female human body to surgically dissect the inter-vesicovaginal space without opening the bladder dome. This preparation is necessary for the insertion of a female Artificial Urinary Sphincter – a procedure that is now entirely possible with the da Vinci robot, minimizing post-operative recovery. New Standard of Excellence When we first started this surgical illustration project with a medical device company, we took the opportunity to get to know more about this fantastic robot device and the people behind it. We discovered that behind the robotic surgery technology is a woman who has played a significant role in the development of the da Vinci robot as we know it today: New Zealand-born Catherine Mohr.  It’s worth sharing her background; we always like to see women in tech at this level. The da Vinci surgical robot is an amazing medical, surgical device that has set a new standard of excellence for the medical community since its inception, and is a work of art and tech (always in progress) that will change the operating room forever.” http://www.davincisurgery.com/ #davincisurgery #sciencecomm #scicomm #sciart #womenintech #womeninscience #vizscicomm #medicalillustration #medart #visualmedics #sciencecommunication #scienceinfographics #marketing #biotech #graphicalabstract #medicalillustrator #scienceillustrator #medicaldiagram
Illustration & Infographics

How patients better recall medical information

May 17, 2018
We would like to share this excellent article on patient information recall we have come across, from Roy P C Kessels.