Medical Illustration

Editorial medical Illustrations are used for numerous reasons. Medical Illustrations can serve to efficiently explain general anatomy and pathophysiology of various medications. It also sheds light on a step-by-step-step surgical procedure.
Medical illustration

Cells, tissues, organs, systems.

Our medical illustration production ranges from highly complex, technical and feature-rich products to simplified productions for the wider public. Our illustrations can also be used in mobile applications. A proposal for a scientific illustration project can be developed using various techniques, ranging from classical to vector or graphic information.

Save with custom images

Our existing images are copyrighted and owned, organised into collections. Each image represents a large investment of time, research, education and experience on the part of the illustrator and is very expensive to produce.

Professional custom quality work, at a licensing rate. 

We solved the price problem by making our customised illustrations follow the same logic as licensing. By selling the making of a customized image based on their license, we can tier prices to save you money, while increasing our archive.

Where to use our illustrations

Medical illustration is used in all media and markets used to promote medical, biological and related information. It can serve many purposes:

  • textbooks, medical journals, e-books
  • courtroom exhibits, patient education or CME
  • continuing medical education (CME)
  • advertising, mobile health apps
  • medical device, trade and consumer publications

Have a specific project in mind? We reply within 24hrs

“An appropriate drawing can eliminate pages of text; it can give insights; it can be a vivid and memorable part of the information. In addition to describing succinctly, it can add vigor to the presentation.”

M.H. Briscoe, Preparing Scientific Illustrations