Bespoke medical animation

We are on a quest to transform scientific concepts, surgical procedures, and MOAs into accurate, easy-to-understand, medical animation.
3D images and medical animations


Our creative process

Medical animation is necessary if you wish to show a surgical procedure with your medical device, visually explain specific treatment options, or visually impact the public with MOAs mechanisms, we transform your material into accurate, easy-to-understand, visual media.
Ste by step, our creative process is thought out to help you visualise your project from the beginning, keeping an eye on creativity, deadlines and budget. From consultation to execution, we maintain organized and transparent communication to ensure all of your questions and doubts are out of the way.


We discuss your learning objectives, the scope, terms and fees, and we write you a proposal that represents the best solution within your given budget.


Preparatory work lays the foundation for production and allows you to envision your final product. We collect reference material, and after thinking through the story outline, we create a storyboard and produce a script.


Lighting, coloring and texturing of the models creates the right look and feel and can relate to branding color schemes. Final movements are finetuned and final rendering takes place at this stage.


During this final phase, we add specific effects, titles, labels, logos, illustrations voiceovers, music and other effects, exporting your animation for the platform you intend to use it on.

Customized for pharma,medical devices and biotech

Our consulting helps you determine your project’s scope and objectives in order to best meet your needs.

Medical devices

Clearly highlight features and benefits and show your product differentiators.


Mechanisms of Disease that are clear and easy to understand.


Model exact molecular interactions.

Have a medical animation project in mind? We reply within 24hrs


Some questions about 3D projects are answered here:
What is the price of a medical animation project?

Many factors concur to the planning of a medical animation. Sometimes the animation is made entirely of 3d animated objects, whereas some other times the actual animation is completed by visuals not created in 3D software. Our rate for 3D medical animation is between  200-300 Euros per second of final animation footage. For multiple animations, we organise a flat rate and negotiate with the client.

Is it possible to estimate the length and cost of a project?

If you have a narration script in mind, you can roughly calculate yourself.  A standard technical narration recording is made up of about 125 words per minute. A 200-word script would create an animation that would run approximately 1 minute and 36 seconds, and so the cost would be about 20,000 Euros. Even if you do not plan on having recorded narration, a written script is important to estimate the animation’s length. Usually, animations without narration run faster than a narrated animation.  A list of detailed steps will provide with enough information to estimate the runtime and provide you with a project estimate.

I have a limited budget, is it still possible to work with Visualmedics?

Sure, we can work with your budget and combine other medical animation animations techniques including text and simple graphics to help you to achieve your goals. In that case, we need to assess your budget needs and goals and make our proposal.

How long does it take to do an animation project?

It very much depends on the script available, complexity and client responsiveness. Rule of thumb is to deliver a finished animation in a time span from a 1.5 month.

How do you ensure the accuracy of a 3D medical device?

Most of our clients provide 3D CAD models of their medical devices.  This allows the highest level of device modeling accuracy, to these models we apply textures and create the desired functionality of your device. Or, we can create your medical device from photos, physical devices, or other references, on a separate fee and needs to be estimated.

How do you ensure accuracy of medical content?

We work with your medical experts throughout the creation process to ensure it meets or exceeds their standards. Our experience in custom animation, our 3D models, and our collaborative process ensure a medically accurate custom animation for your target audience.

How can I leverage my medical animation to create print materials and other digital media?

Many of our clients use still frames for printed marketing materials, or other purposes and this usage is freely permitted with our timeless use license. We can also provide higher resolution images from our 3D files at a low cost. We can also help you build printed materials, applications, and websites.

What can I do with a perpetual, unlimited license?

Our medical animation fees are tailored to include a timeless license which allows clients to use the produced work with a variety o purposes and within all scopes, such as usage in printed materials websites, applications. The only restriction not included in our agreements is to resell the works, for this, there has to be an additional agreement.

Do I need to transfer copyright?

Some of our clients require a copyright transfer. We provide this by charging an additional fee, which is generally fully included in our timeless license. The requirement for this to happen is the development of unique material and a unique style able to protect the nature of the copyright.