Information Graphics

By implementing science infographics, we are able to facilitate the reception of complex scientific messages as well as present data in an efficient way.
Science infographics and presentations

Making scientific knowledge accessible.

We draw upon your complex data and statistics and collate them into a compelling, easily intelligible visual display. Our task is to strengthen your scientific concept through simplicity, effectiveness and provide high-quality results.

Share your science

Visuals can be an excellent way to spread research results or quickly explain a scientific concept – a perfect bridge between the research and its audience. In a nutshell, what we do:

Shareable infographics

Ideal for newsletters and social media to help you spread the word. 

Data Visualisation

Visually presenting data to help uncover insights.


Layouts that effectively convey key messages to stakeholders.


That elevate your science brand and its messaging.

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“A good chart delineates and organizes information. It communicates complex ideas, procedures, and lists of facts by simplifying, grouping, and setting and marking priorities. By spatial organization, it should lead the eye through information smoothly and efficiently.”

M.H.Briscoe, in 'Preparing Scientific Illustrations'