Quality, integrity

With 15 years of experience in medical sciences and visual arts, our work revolves around visual communication; we translate simple and complex scientific concepts for a variety of audiences, including patients, physicians, surgeons, research scientists, investors and consumers.

Lara Laghetto

Founder / Illustrator

LARA LAGHETTO, Founder at Visualmedics, is a science communicator, information designer with a background in Arts, Science and Web Development, who followed her fascination for science and sought to grow her communication talent using a variety of visual techniques. Her career has taken from to Italy to Germany, USA, Brazil and the Netherlands. She focuses on illustration, information design and 3D animation with an eye on emerging new medias.

““As a Medical illustrator, I have always wanted to ‘show’ and ‘capture’ that which is ordinarily difficult for lay audiences to understand – medical or anatomical content. In the work I do, I always feel extremely engaged to capture and enable viewers to see a surgical operation or a scientific process with amazement.” 

How we do it

Because of the diversity of the different projects our medical illustration studio takes on, scientific knowledge is paramount.
We have cooperated with numerous international clients, and we have an insightful and passionate approach that delivers outstanding results.


Working with Visualmedics was my best collaboration with a visual communications studio so far. After a first pitch, work was professionally presented, convincing the team. Visualmedics not only delivered the work for the project as requested but went one step further and actually became a part of our team, advising and supporting the project with professional knowledge and creativity. It didn’t take long for us to extend the collaboration to further projects and I can only highly recommend collaborating with Visualmedics. Ana K. R., Senior Education Manager

Ana K. R., Senior Education Manager