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Innovation in medicine with distinguished reading

In medical literature, having access to technology not only helps access information quickly, but also makes doctors lives easier and helps patients to understand diagnoses.

Medicine demands constant study from professionals, not only for updates about research in the field but also for increasing awareness of new medications in the market and their applications.

Physicians should always be ready to provide information for their patients too. They need to be patient and dedicated in order to explain procedures and diagnoses in their office, as well as travelling to take part in courses, conferences and lectures. It is not always possible for physicians to carry everything they need, such as large amounts of books.

 Technological advances such as electronic books allow them to have easy access to thousands of books in their area of expertise.

How interactive eBooks add value to medical literature

Interactive eBooks are a new kind of eBooks. If built with proper software, they help physicians explaining medical terms, effects of disease on organs and showing how types of surgery are performed with a simple touch of a screen.

There is a variety of software available designed for creating interactive eBooks, offering resources such as flip cards, multiple answer knowledge tests, videos and animated gifs, which lead to a better understanding of the topics presented.

Our software of choice is produced by Inkling. It allows us to work collaboratively with authors and editors and produce Interactive eBooks using HTML and CSS as primary language. Readers access titles through the Inkling app reader from any device, really any! Working from the backend we can push new updates to the users, export to other ebooks formats, and most important, we can view how much readers actually read through the analytics tool.

The worth of a job well-done

Everything related to medicine has to be executed to a very high standard by specialized professionals. Drawing highly accurate illustrations with all the correct details and colors is essential to contribute to the quality of eBooks that will be used by doctors, students, patients and other professionals connected with the medical industry.

Visual Medics develops various eBooks and other visual communication works dedicated to the field of medicine, working with Inkling and its Cloud Publishing system. Here are a few examples of eBooks created by us: Single implants and their restorationThe temporomandibular joint

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