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Most people judge a book by its cover and might miss out on a great a story. We would like to encourage you to learn about how you can combine our illustrations and text to achieve an alluring science ebook style which will attract readers.
Science e-books

Science e-books

We create science e-books and e-book-ready scientific illustrations in various styles.
Whether your endeavour is related to a medical reference, an online resource or patient education,
we are ready to help you begin a collaborative conversation on the best publishing solution for you.

How we can help

During the execution of publishing projects, collaboration between team members is virtual. Visualmedics is experienced with this approach and provides a framework for efficient communication. We can assist in the publishing process of your e-book with:

  • e-books planning and publication
  • Illustration for Scientific e-books
  • Cloud publishing and collaborative editing of e-books

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